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Cannabis Optimized Ep. 11 – Cannabis Councilman Martin Mitchell


Laurel Native Encourages Patient/Consumer Advocacy

May 4, 2023

Voters may have approved adult use cannabis laws last year, but according to “Cannabis Councilman” Martin Mitchell, that does not mean we should stop advocating for ourselves and others moving forward.

“Motivate your legislators. Ask questions at Town Halls.” the City of Laurel Councilman suggests. “You don’t have to have a title in front of your name. People are the best advocates [and elected officials] do want to hear from you so definitely speak up!”

Councilman Mitchell, whose mantra is, “People Over Politics,” is an At-Large councilman for the City of Laurel, meaning he represents the entire city as opposed to a specific section of town. He said he has been working hard for years to get Adult Use Cannabis laws passed after becoming a patient himself.

“Cannabis is sexy and cool now, but I interacted with the police more than I’d have liked because of a plant that is now legal,” Councilman Mitchell said. “There were a percentage of people who struggled with this as well, and that’s what drew me towards advocacy. I didn’t know until then that people needed legislative interventions to make their lives easier.”

Like Mitchell, KIP Clinical Director Dr Alexander Dix has been inspired to take a more active role in local politics. “Hearing patient stories for four years (as clinical director) has made me want to advocate more for them as well,” he said.

Dr Dix added that watching politicians like Mitchell work has also inspired him to get more involved. “You are the sincerest politician I’ve ever met. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.”

Now that adults 21 and older can legally purchase cannabis in Maryland, Councilman Martin suggests Marylanders remain vigilant and stay educated.

“Don’t just become a consumer. Do your research and know what you are putting into your body,” he said, adding, “And if you’re THC adverse, explore the hemp plate more. There are so many other benefits to the hemp plate without THC.”

To find out more about Cannabis Councilman Martin Mitchell visit, MARTINFORLAUREL.COM, CITYOFLAUREL.ORG

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