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Cannabis Optimized Ep. 12 – Concentrates


KIP Trio Discuss the How-Tos of Dabbing

May 25, 2023

Dabbing, or, consuming with cannabis concentrates is a relatively new method of consumption for cannabis users, and typically, younger users are more familiar with it than older users. Anecdotal evidence suggests older users are perhaps more intimidated with dabbing because it often requires more gear than just a pipe, lighter, and rolling papers. Some have even said dabbing reminds them of “smoking crack.”

But the stigma with dabbing is unfounded, and

On this episode of Cannabis Optimized, Inventory Manager Craig Miser, and Patient Care Specialist Ryan Filer, try to take the intimidation factor out of dabbing and break down the various types of cannabis concentrates including: Rosin; Badder; Live vs. Cured concentrates; What is a “solventless” concentrate; dab rigs, and many other dab-related topics.

Watch the entire episode below to learn more about cannabis concentrates, and stop by KIP to grab a dab today. New to dabbing? We have all the supplies you’ll need including Atomizers that attach to your vape battery; Dab straws, both silicone and glass; PUFFCO Peaks and Puffco Peak Pros/Proxys/Plus; glass rigs, and so much more.

Visit our menu at to see a complete listing of our dabs and concentrates.