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Cannabis Optimized Ep. 13 – How To Dab


KIP Trio Demonstrate How To Dab

May 25, 2023
Cockeysville, MD

Now that we understand what a cannabis concentrate is, let’s learn how to dab those concentrates. In this episode of Cannabis Optimized, KIP Clinical Director Dr Alexander Dix, Inventory Manager Craig Miser, and Patient Care Specialist Ryan Filer, break down the dabbing process step-by-step.

The trio discuss the various dab tools available like Puffco’s Hot Knife; the difference between a cold start and hot start; and finally, how to hit a dab, and why it’s imperative that you clean your rig often.

Watch the entire episode below, and then be sure to stop by KIP in Baltimore County, your one-stop-shop for dab rigs; Puffco accessories; and top-shelf dabs such as TEMPLE’s Moroccan Hash, EVERMORE’s Live Rosin, and COOKIES Live Badder.

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