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Cannabis Optimized Episode 7 –


Non-Profit Provides Subsidized Medical Cannabis in Maryland

February 16, 2023
COCKEYSVILLE, MD — successfully launched its pilot program on February 16, 2023, at KIP Dispensary, which aims to provide equitable, subsidized medical cannabis to patients experiencing financial hardship in Maryland.

The first federally approved non-profit of its kind in the state – and possibly the country – is the brainchild of Anastasia Palmisano, who named the organization in honor of a friend who succumbed to breast cancer several years ago.


On our most recent episode of Cannabis Optimized – which you can see above – KIP Clinical Director, Dr Alexander Dix, PharmD interviewed Anastasia Palmisano, founder of, and Jenna Crawley, aging expert affiliated with, to discuss the non-profit’s goal to provide subsidized alternative medicine to patients. The trio discuss the ways patients can qualify for funding, where comes from, and why cannabis can be life-changing to an aging baby boomer population.

ABOUT JESSILOVE.ORG is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and aims to demonstrate an innovative donor model which provides equitable access to vital medication, which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.

The JessiLove pilot program was made possible through generous donations made by W.A. Read Knox and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. The non-profit has also partnered with Gateway Healthcare Services to provide discounted and subsidized Medical Cannabis evaluations, registrations, and certifications.

For more information about patient qualifications or to donate to JessiLove, visit or email For more information about KIP Dispensary, visit or email


The launch coincided with KIP’s monthly THiRD Thursday Patient Appreciation Event, which is a means to say thanks to our loyal patients for being a part of the KIP family. Reps from Grow West, Evermore and Rythm/Dogwalkers were on hand to celebrate our patients  as well.

KIP is a full-service Medical Cannabis Dispensary located in Cockeysville. Open since December 2018, KIP pairs Maryland’s best cannabis products with personalized care that educates and empowers their patients on their health and wellness journey. With a licensed pharmacist on staff; the best Veterans discount in the state; a satellite accessories shop, and a two-lane drive-thru, KIP is Baltimore County’s premiere one-stop-shop cannabis dispensary.

Anastasia Palmisano, founder and director of
Anastasia Palmisano, founder and director of
Jenna Crawley, Aging Expert with
KIP Clinical Director Dr Dix with
KIP Clinical Director Dr Dix with Ana and Jenna of
For more information about this program visit