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Cannabis Optimized Ep. 4 – Veterans and Cannabis


Maryland Veteran Talks About Cannabis Journey

December 19, 2022

WESTMINSTER, Md. — Purple Obeah has been a life-saver for Navy veteran, Tim S. He says the hybrid cannabis strain helps loosen his joints stiffened by Lyme’s disease.

Tim said KIP Clinical Director Dr Alexander Dix has also been a life-saver. The long-time cannabis patient has been coming to KIP and seeking advice from Dr Dix for years, trusting him to provide top-notch cannabis suggestions for his pain.

“KIP. It stands for Knowledge is Power. If you don’t have it, go find it,” Tim said pointing at Doc in the most recent episode of Cannabis Optimized. That’s a strong testimonial coming from a patient, but it is one Tim didn’t hesitate to make.

Tim said that while he had plenty of experience with cannabis prior to meeting Doc, it wasn’t until he started going to KIP that he really understood the full benefits of cannabis. He said he suggests those new to the cannabis journey, especially his fellow veterans, should seek out the advice of a medical professional like Doc.


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