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Cannabis Optimized Ep. 1 – Adult-Use Legalization in Maryland


Doc Discusses Legalizing Cannabis in Maryland with Bill Sponsor

November 1, 2022

COCKEYSVILLE, MD – In one week, Maryland voters will decide if they want to legalize adult-use cannabis. The campaign has been tagged, “Vote Yes on 4,” and you may have seen its logo circulating around social media.

Though the primary purpose of this amendment to the state constitution is cannabis legalization, there are other, perhaps more important elements to Question 4.

While not everyone is talking about those other elements of the legislation – equity in the cannabis industry, releasing and expunging those convicted of cannabis-related crimes, and patient advocacy – others are focusing on little else. Maryland Del. Gabriel Acevero, who sponsored House Bill HOUSE BILL 1342, otherwise known as the Cannabis Legalization and Equity Act, has been educating anyone who will listen the importance of this bill and why it can change lives for the better.

KIP Clinical Director, Dr Alexander Dix, sat down with Del. Acevero recently to discuss the parts of cannabis legalization in Maryland that are perhaps less “sexy,” but in reality, are probably the most pertinent and life-changing aspects of legalization efforts.

Question 4 Breakdown

If approved by voters, Question 4 would amend Maryland’s constitution to allow for the legalization, taxation, and regulation of cannabis in Maryland.

It would also provide a pathway for those convicted of cannabis-related offenses to seek release or a lesser sentence, AND, it would provide a fund to help encourage more women- , and minority-owned dispensaries in Maryland.

Dr. Alexander Dix is the Clinical Director at KIP Dispensary in Cockeysville, Maryland. He is a Doctor of Pharmacy and an International Budtender Award finalist for 2022.
Maryland Del. Gabriel Acevero, is a democrat representing Maryland’s 39th District in Montgomery County. He is also the sponsor for HOUSE BILL 1342, the Cannabis Legalization and Equity Act.