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Cannabis Optimized – Where Knowledge is Power



November 1, 2022

COCKEYSVILLE, Md. – KIP Dispensary would like to introduce our Brand New Video Series, “Cannabis Optimized: Where Knowledge is Power,” hosted by our one and only Clinical Director, Dr Alexander Dix.

Filmed over a series of months alongside Carlo Manabat, filmmaker and product manager at Bláz, Dr Dix chats with a plethora of people involved in one way or another in the Maryland medical cannabis industry.

Dr Dix has a critical discussion about cannabis legalization in Maryland with state Delegate Gabriel Acevero; he takes a tour of SunMed’s facilities on the Eastern Shore; he explores the M.S. in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program at the University of Maryland; he hob-knobs with Baltimore-based head shop owners and glass blowers, and so much more.

Stay tuned each month as Dr Dix and his buddies at KIP explore all that Maryland cannabis has to offer.

For the best view on a mobile device, turn your screen Landscape.

Dr. Alexander Dix is the Clinical Director at KIP Dispensary in Cockeysville, Maryland.