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3/30 – 4/5 “STAY IN” Clearance Sale

Bundle Accessory Deals
Buy a Puffco Peak and receive a FREE Gram of Concentrate of YOUR Choice (excluding HTFSE, Live Resin, & Diamonds)
Magic Butter Machine and a Nova Lift Decarboxylator and pay only $300!! (A retail value of $389.99)
Buy a Marley Water Pipe/Bubbler or Grav Labs Water Pipe for 35% off!!
All Epic Cured Resin/Shatter $45 for 1g.
All Shatter $40 1g. (excludes Verano)
All Grassroots .5g for $30.
All Grassroots Live Resin $50 for 1g. (excludes Diamonds)
All Evermore Live Resin .5g for $40
All MPX Live Resin .5g for $40.
All 1937 Hash .5g for $45.Cartridges
All Evermore .5g for $55. Buy 2 or more for $50 each.
All Cresco Live Resin .5g for $55.
All Culta .5g for $40.
All Epic Carts .5g $45.
All 1g for $75.
All Curio .6g for $45.
All Grassroots disposables three for $84.
All Grassroots .5g for $40. (excludes sauce carts)
All Grassroots .5g sauce for $55. Buy 2 or more for $50 each.
All Liberty .5g for $50. Buy 2 or more for $45 each.
All Prime .5g for $50. Buy 2 or more for $45 each.
All Verano .5g for $50.  Buy 2 or more for $45 each.
All Verano Reserve .5g for $65. Buy 2 or more for $60 each.
All Pax Pods for $60. Buy 2 or more for $55 each.
All Uku .5g for $50. Buy 2 or more for $45 each.
Healer Tinctures
Three low dose tinctures for $75
Three high dose tinctures for $200Betty’s Eddies
Three Bedtime Betty’s and/or Assorted Betty’s for $65.
Three 50mg five Packs for $119 total. (Apple Pie ,Berry)Curio Ingestibles
Mix and Match three Mango Ginger 25mg/Blood Orange Tumeric chews for $115.
Three Mango Ginger 10mg/Honey Lemon CBD 5:1/THC chews for $75
Three Dixie Elixir’s for $99.
Three Dixie Elixir tablets (Relaxing) for $99.Evermore Ingestibles.
Citrus Kleaner tinctures 20% off.
Three 37mg caps for $150
Three 118mg caps for $210Grassroots Capsules
Three 1:1 RSO Caps for $115.
Three 25mg RSO Caps for $115.
Three 50mg RSO Caps for $150.Verano
3 troches for $65 total.
$75 for Liquid THCa.TopicalsVerano Topicals
Three 1:1 Verano Balms for $119.
25% off Epsom Salt Soak.Prerolls
Buy 3 or more prerolls for 20% off each.

Pre-Packed Flower
Culta Sungrown flower (Lovelace 2/1 CBD) $99 prepacked half ounce.
All Flower 15% off a quarter ounce (2 eighths), 20% off a half ounce(4 eighths), 25% off a whole ounce(8 eighths), 30% off an ounce and a half(12 eighths). (EXLUDES $49 1/8ths of Hazmat OG and Trilogy)