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Kip Visits Grow West


Team Tours Cumberland Facilities

November 15, 2022

CUMBERLAND, Md. — Touring the indoor grow operation at Grow West  in Cumberland, Maryland has been an absolute pleasure for us at KIP.

Grow West Head Grower Andrew Valois shared his wealth of knowledge with us and really blew our minds at various points throughout the day. Room after room after room after room of tall, bushy, multi-colored, skunky-scented cannabis plants that looked vibrant and well-loved.

The overwhelming aroma as you enter each grow room is a scent that I won’t soon forget. The welcoming smiles and friendly expressions on the faces of those we met who work at Grow West illustrated a working environment that is not only unique, but also enjoyable to come to work everyday.

The KIP team also got a chance to visit the Grow West store in Cumberland, which was quite warm and cozy. It was a very pleasurable day and well worth the two-plus hour trip.

KIP would like to thank Matt Ortwein, Grow West’s Sales Account Executive; Nicholas Farrell, GW’s Digital Content Creator; Andrew Valois, GW’s Lead Cultivator; and Charity Mellon, GW’s Dispensary Manager, for their hospitality and time. We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2023!