Facts and Tips

What types of cannabis products do/will you provide?
We provide a broad and inclusive range of products to precisely fit your cannabis treatment goals. For a complete list of products, please visit our menu page.

How do you set prices for your products?
Cannabis prices, as is the case with most consumer products, are largely driven by market forces of supply and demand. Product availability and the patient demand for that product will ultimately determine the retail price. At KIP, we work diligently to keep our prices competitive with the rest of the Maryland market while making sure that we never sacrifice quality. For a complete price list, please visit our menu page.

Does Kip Offer a Discount for Older Adults?
At KIP, we understand that many older adults must budget carefully and may be on a fixed income. Medical insurance and prescription drug plans currently do not defray all or even some of the cost of cannabis treatment. To that end, we proudly offer SAGE the cannabis program for older adults that offers 20% off of every purchase, every day! For more details regarding sage how to qualify for SAGE, please click here.

Do you offer a discount for veterans?
Through the KIP Veterans Commitment, our dispensary offers the most generous discount to veterans currently available in the Maryland market (25%) on every item, every day. May not be stackable with other discounts or promotions, see a trained Patient Care Specialist for details.

How do I register as a patient in the state of Maryland?
Step-by-step instructions for Maryland residents to obtain a patient card can be accessed here.

Can someone enter the dispensary without a Patient Identification Number from the State of Maryland?
At KIP, we welcome non-patients to our dispensary and will be glad to conduct consultations or to provide one-on-one instructions regarding obtaining a card. Please stop by or call the dispensary to set up a reservation. Non-Patients may only enter the public/waiting areas, must have a valid visitor’s badge, and must be accompanied by a registered MMCC Agent at ALL times.

What will I need to bring for my first visit?
You will need your patient identification number or PIN and a valid Maryland State ID (NOTE: After March 1, 2019, ALL patients must possess a valid MMCC Registration Card to enter the dispensary and/or to purchase medicated product).

What do I do if I lose my card?
Cards can ONLY be replaced by contacting the MMCC through their website. After March, 1 2019, you will NOT be able to purchase medicated product without a valid MMCC Registration Card.

How do I contact you?
You may contact us via email at info@kipcan.com, or, you may speak to one of our highly trained Patient Care Specialists by calling (410) 403-0280.

Do I need to set up an appointment or reservation for my first visit or another visit?
Appointments are not necessary. However, you may request a reservation to speak with our Medical Director, Dr. Alexander Dix, who is a licensed pharmacist should you feel that you need greater technical assistance. After your first visit, we will offer to set up a follow-up reservation to review your treatment and answer any further questions that you may have. This reservation is voluntary.

What if I don’t know much about cannabis? Will someone be there to help me?
Rest assured that our Patient Care Specialists have been comprehensively trained to assist you as you acclimate to your cannabis treatment. In addition, you will receive our exhaustively researched and constructed handbook that will serve as a resource to further your understanding of how cannabis works and what the terminology means. This handbook is our free gift to you as a “Thank You” for choosing KIP!

I can’t find a Maryland doctor who is open to discussing medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for my condition(s). Can you help me?
Although we cannot recommend specific physicians, we can provide you with a range of physicians from which to choose. Call or visit a Patient Care Specialist for more information.

What do I need to do to become a personal caregiver?
Becoming a caregiver is a tremendous act of kindness on behalf of a patient that may not be able to regularly visit our dispensary. Remember that you will need the permission of the patient as well as their valid Maryland Patient Identification Number. Instructions regarding applying to become a caregiver are available on the MMCC website.

What does my healthcare provider need to do?
Your healthcare provider will perform a general examination and help you to determine if you are eligible to receive cannabis as medication in the state of Maryland. Once the physician determines that you qualify, they will upload the requisite information to the MMCC so that your application to become a patient may move forward. More information can be found here.

Can patients with out-of-state medical cannabis cards purchase medicated product at a Maryland dispensary?
Unfortunately, reciprocity between states regarding the dispensing of medical cannabis does not currently exist. You must be a patient in and a resident of the State of Maryland in order to purchase cannabis medication in a Maryland dispensary.

Will there be forms to fill out on my first visit?
Very brief forms to include patient intake information, the Maryland Attestation Form and the Waiver of Liability form must be completed on the first visit to establish your profile as a patient so that you may join the KIP family. These forms will need to be completed on your first visit only and no additional paperwork will be necessary for subsequent visits.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Offering a variety of payment options can be a challenge for cannabis related businesses. Despite these challenges, at KIP, we believe that our patients deserve a choice of payment options so that they may select the one that best fits their needs. To that end, KIP offers:

  • CanPay – With the simple, secure CanPay app, there’s no need to carry cash or use a debit card when making a purchase. Users receive a secure single-use token for safe transactions. Plus, unlike Cashless ATM, CanPay is FREE to download and use. You can download and sign up for CanPay at any time, so visit their website on your mobile device for instructions.
  • Cashless ATM – Utilize the debit card that you already have in your wallet at the counter, all without the hassle of going to an ATM! A –$3.50 per transaction ATM fee will be assessed by the bank.
  • Cash – As you might expect, cash purchases are always welcome!