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Vote Yes on 4!


Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis in Maryland

November 8, 2022

COCKEYSVILLE, Md. — Those of us who have worked in the cannabis industry in Maryland have seen firsthand how life-changing this plant can be. That’s why we Vote Yes on 4 and encourage our patients to do so as well.

Adult use cannabis in Maryland will not only provide safe, legal access to cannabis, it will also create a fund to support more women- and minority-owned businesses in the state; release and expunge records of those with cannabis convictions; provide much-needed tax revenue for education and infrastructure, and will create thousands of well-paying jobs.

This man-made plant should be safely and legally accessed by any adult in Maryland, the US and beyond. Though we are not politicians, we at KIP know enough about marijuana to know it is safe and has countless benefits for a variety of stressors and ailments. For nearly four years, our clinical director and patient advisors have heard again and again the benefits of cannabis from patients who have used it to get off opiates; relieve pain; sooth anxiety; uplift their spirits; and sleep more soundly at night. Who couldn’t use any one of those things everyday?

Below is a video of just a handful of us at KIP who believe passionately that we should Vote Yes on 4 and legalize Adult-Use cannabis in Maryland and beyond.